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Should I sell my HDB?

Posted by Vincent +65 9379 9993 on June 25, 2020
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The above chart is not an image, it is the live data from data.gov.sg for HDB Resale Price Index. What does the chart tells you? If you bought your HDB 30 years ago you would have made near to 7X your property price. 20 years ago you would have made nearly double during the peak in 2013 Q2. What happen if you bought after 2013 Q2? You probably be losing money. Why? Because government decided to increase supply of new HDB. When there is new supply that are brand new and nicer which would you buy? Why don’t I sell my HDB and buy the one that is in good condition and fresh environment. Given a choice would you buy something that is new or old?

If the demand flows to new property and demand drop for old property what happens to the price of old property? Iphone 7 is cheaper than iphone X, which one have more demand? When things grow old the price starts to drop. When there is over supply price drop. Is the HDB you are holding now an old HDB? Is HDB supply over supply? Should you sell your HDB now? Feel free to contact me Vincent at 9379 9993 for the solution.

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